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Chromosome: 1 ,  position: 1 - 250,000bp

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O. rufipogon accessions :

These are reconstructed sequences by imputation (Nature 490:497-,2012) and converted to IRGSP1.0.

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AccessionSpeciesCountry of originLatitudeLongitudecoverageEcotypehidden
AccessionSpeciesCountry of originLatitudeLongitudecoverageEcotypehidden
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4885.85 1.42Or-I W0101
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4885.85 1.4Or-I W0102
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4885.85 1.18Or-I W0103
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4685.88 1.81Or-I W0106
O. rufipogonIndia 20.9585.1 1.93Or-I W0107
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4685.88 1.79Or-II W0108
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4685.88 0.97Or-II W0120
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4685.88 1.11Or-I W0121
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4685.93 0.26Or-I W0123
O. rufipogonIndia 2185.1 1.07Or-I W0124
O. rufipogonIndia 2185.1 2.27Or-III W0125
O. rufipogonIndia 2185.1 1.62Or-III W0126
O. rufipogonIndia 2185.1 2.41Or-I W0128
O. rufipogonIndia 2185.1 1.07Or-I W0130
O. rufipogonIndia 17.0582.18 1.4Or-II W0132
O. rufipogonIndia 17.0582.18 0.81Or-III W0133
O. rufipogonIndia 16.9381.88 1.17Or-III W0134
O. rufipogonIndia 16.9381.88 0.85Or-III W0135
O. rufipogonIndia 16.9181.82 0.57Or-III W0136
O. rufipogonIndia 16.9181.82 0.89Or-III W0137
O. rufipogonIndia 10.5176.65 1.02Or-III W0138
O. rufipogonIndia 10.3776.37 1.11Or-III W0141
O. rufipogonSri Lanka 7.2180.2 3.28Or-II W0143
O. rufipogonSri Lanka 7.0780.3 0.69Or-I W0144
O. rufipogonThailand 13.72100.48 0.31Or-II W0145
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4885.85 0.21Or-I W0147
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4885.85 1.55Or-I W0148
O. rufipogonIndia 23.4881.1 1.58Or-III W0149
O. rufipogonIndia 23.4881.1 1.94Or-I W0151
O. rufipogonIndia 22.988.25 1.73Or-I W0152
O. rufipogonIndia 22.488.66 2.54Or-III W0153
O. rufipogonIndia 26.5994.19 1.2Or-II W0157
O. rufipogonThailand 18.8198.66 3.38Or-II W0163
O. rufipogonThailand 18.8198.66 1.58Or-II W0164
O. rufipogonThailand 18.8198.66 1.09Or-II W0165
O. rufipogonThailand 18.8198.66 0.76Or-II W0166
O. rufipogonThailand 15.22102.5 1.57Or-I W0168
O. rufipogonThailand 15.87100.99 1.12Or-II W0169
O. rufipogonThailand 15.87100.99 1.84Or-I W0170
O. rufipogonThailand 15.87100.99 6.07Or-II W0171
O. rufipogonThailand 15.87100.99 1.13Or-III W0172
O. rufipogonThailand 15.87100.99 1.92Or-I W0173
O. rufipogonThailand 18.08103.27 3.07Or-II W0174
O. rufipogonThailand 18.08103.27 3.68Or-II W0175
O. rufipogonThailand 18.08103.27 1.39Or-I W0176
O. rufipogonThailand 14.33100.53 1.06Or-I W0178
O. rufipogonThailand 17.42102.78 1.08Or-I W0179
O. rufipogonThailand 18.7799.97 3.32Or-II W0180
O. rufipogonThailand 18.08103.27 2.05Or-II W0234
O. rufipogonIndia 1377.6 1.35Or-III W0549
O. rufipogonMalaya 3.1101.5 1.86Or-III W0573
O. rufipogonMalaya 3.1101.5 2.38Or-I W0574
O. rufipogonMalaya 5.8102.38 3.69Or-II W0576
O. rufipogonMalaya 5.7102.53 1.37Or-II W0587
O. rufipogonMalaya 5.7102.53 1.21Or-I W0589
O. rufipogonMalaya 5.7102.53 1.94Or-I W0590
O. rufipogonMalaya 3.14101.69 0.84Or-III W0593
O. rufipogonMalaya 3.14101.69 1.37Or-II W0594
O. rufipogonMalaya 3.14101.69 1.06Or-II W0596
O. rufipogonMalaya 5.14102.81 0.97*Or-II W0600
O. rufipogonMalaya 5.8102.39 0.9Or-I W0605
O. rufipogonMalaya 6102.25 1.18Or-II W0606
O. rufipogonBurma 16.896.15 0.71Or-I W0610
O. rufipogonBurma 17.3396.5 1.39Or-III W0621
O. rufipogonBurma 17.5596.62 0.5Or-III W0623
O. rufipogonBurma 19.7796.11 0.77Or-II W0624
O. rufipogonBurma 19.7796.11 0.5Or-III W0625
O. rufipogonBurma 19.7796.11 2.03Or-I W0626
O. rufipogonBurma 19.7796.11 1.29Or-I W0627
O. rufipogonBurma 20.492.85 2.31Or-II W0628
O. rufipogonBurma 20.492.85 0.36Or-III W0629
O. rufipogonBurma 20.4694.56 0.81Or-I W0630
O. rufipogonBurma 18.8295.22 0.52Or-I W0631
O. rufipogonBurma 18.8295.22 1.28Or-I W0632
O. rufipogonBurma 18.8295.22 0.5Or-I W0633
O. rufipogonBurma 25.3897.39 1.13Or-II W0634
O. rufipogonBurma 19.7796.11 0.52Or-II W0635
O. rufipogonBurma 14.0898.2 0.95Or-III W0637
O. rufipogonBurma 14.0898.2 1.25Or-I W0638
O. rufipogonBurma 19.7796.11 0.67Or-I W0639
O. rufipogonIndia 2788.4 1.54Or-I W1080
O. rufipogonIndia 2788.4 1.42Or-I W1082
O. rufipogonIndia 2788.4 1.37Or-I W1083
O. rufipogonIndia 2788.4 1.6Or-I W1084
O. rufipogonIndia 2788.4 1.49Or-I W1086
O. rufipogonIndia 26.1591.74 6.25Or-II W1087
O. rufipogonIndia 26.1591.74 0.26Or-I W1090
O. rufipogonIndia 26.1591.74 1.25Or-I W1092
O. rufipogonIndia 26.1591.74 5.09Or-II W1093
O. rufipogonIndia 26.292.94 4.84Or-II W1096
O. rufipogonIndia 26.292.94 0.85Or-III W1102
O. rufipogonIndia 26.8294.17 1.5Or-I W1105
O. rufipogonIndia 26.8294.17 1.59Or-I W1107
O. rufipogonIndia 26.8294.17 1.82Or-I W1111
O. rufipogonIndia 26.8294.17 0.76Or-I W1112
O. rufipogonIndia 26.8294.17 1.2Or-III W1114
O. rufipogonIndia 26.8294.17 1.58Or-I W1117
O. rufipogonIndia 26.8294.17 1.75Or-III W1119
O. rufipogonIndia 26.8294.17 1.17Or-I W1121
O. rufipogonIndia 26.8294.17 3.48Or-II W1122
O. rufipogonIndia 26.5994.2 3.1Or-II W1124
O. rufipogonIndia 24.8692.36 2.85Or-II W1126
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4685.93 1.05Or-I W1142
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4685.93 0.76Or-I W1143
O. rufipogonSri Lanka 6.5580.1 1.36Or-III W1161
O. rufipogonPhilippines 7.86124.86 2.92Or-III W1214
O. rufipogonDutch New Guinea -4.63138.93 0.97Or-I W1230
O. rufipogonAustralian New Guinea -5.31141.61 0.91Or-II W1236
O. rufipogonNeth. New Guinea -4.63138.93 0.8Or-III W1238
O. rufipogonNepal 27.785.32 0.87Or-III W1244
O. rufipogonIndonesia 3.29117 0.98Or-II W1292
O. rufipogonPhilippines 7.86124.86 0.93Or-III W1294
O. rufipogonCambodia 12.82102.67 1.07Or-I W1295
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4685.88 0.92Or-I W1532
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4685.88 0.89Or-I W1533
O. rufipogonIndia 28.6477.23 0.63Or-III W1534
O. rufipogonSri Lanka 8.0379.84 0.78Or-III W1536
O. rufipogonMalaya 3.14101.69 1.06Or-III W1542
O. rufipogonThailand 14.5100.89 1.09Or-I W1546
O. rufipogonThailand 14.5100.89 1.67Or-I W1547
O. rufipogonThailand 18.898.66 3.92Or-II W1550
O. rufipogonThailand 14.5100.89 1.53Or-I W1551
O. rufipogonThailand 14.33100.52 1.51Or-II W1552
O. rufipogonThailand 14.6103.1 1.09Or-II W1553
O. rufipogonThailand 15.0999.99 3.1Or-II W1554
O. rufipogonThailand 15100 0.92Or-II W1555
O. rufipogonThailand 14.5499.99 1.12Or-II W1556
O. rufipogonThailand 14.5499.99 0.7Or-II W1557
O. rufipogonThailand 15.2104.9 2.73Or-II W1558
O. rufipogonThailand 15100 4.35Or-I W1559
O. rufipogonThailand 14.03100.37 1.45Or-III W1560
O. rufipogonThailand 14.5100.89 0.99Or-I W1619
O. rufipogonIndia 26.3489.03 0.68Or-I W1666
O. rufipogonIndia 18.5282.46 1.36Or-III W1668
O. rufipogonIndia 19.0882.45 3.56Or-III W1669
O. rufipogonIndia 20.2986.01 1.14Or-I W1675
O. rufipogonIndia 20.2986.01 1.12Or-I W1676
O. rufipogonIndia 20.2986.01 2.61Or-I W1677
O. rufipogonIndia 20.2986.01 1.36Or-I W1679
O. rufipogonIndia 20.0984.45 0.9Or-I W1681
O. rufipogonIndia 20.184.48 6.75Or-II W1683
O. rufipogonIndia 20.1485.47 1.51Or-I W1685
O. rufipogonIndia 23.0488.17 2.31Or-II W1687
O. rufipogonThailand 19.4199.34 1.42Or-I W1690
O. rufipogonThailand 19.4599.44 1.16Or-I W1695
O. rufipogonThailand 19.4599.44 0.67Or-I W1696
O. rufipogonThailand 14.34100.59 1.63Or-I W1698
O. rufipogonThailand 14.3100.55 1.08Or-I W1700
O. rufipogonChina 5.04Or-II W1715
O. rufipogonChina 4.05Or-III W1716
O. rufipogonChina 1.56Or-II W1718
O. rufipogonChina 0.99Or-I W1719
O. rufipogonChina 0.94Or-I W1721
O. rufipogonChina 1.07Or-I W1723
O. rufipogonChina 1.5Or-III W1724
O. rufipogonThailand 15100 6.92Or-III W1725
O. rufipogonThailand 15100 1.31Or-I W1726
O. rufipogonThailand 15100 1.44Or-I W1727
O. rufipogonIndia 20.4685.88 1.51Or-I W1731
O. rufipogonIndia 19.584.81 1.39Or-III W1732
O. rufipogonIndia 26.9275.82 1.71Or-I W1735
O. rufipogonIndia 26.9275.82 1.63Or-II W1736
O. rufipogonIndia 26.9275.82 1.14Or-I W1737
O. rufipogonIndia 26.9275.82 1.91Or-I W1738
O. rufipogonIndia 26.9275.82 1.3Or-III W1739
O. rufipogonIndia 26.9275.82 2.02Or-I W1740
O. rufipogonIndia 26.9275.82 1.33Or-I W1741
O. rufipogonIndia 26.9275.82 1.61Or-II W1742
O. rufipogonIndia 26.9275.82 1.09Or-I W1743
O. rufipogonIndia 26.9275.82 2.37Or-III W1746
O. rufipogonIndia 26.9275.82 1.34Or-I W1747
O. rufipogonIndia 26.9275.82 6.41Or-III W1748
O. rufipogonIndia 18.481.68 1.33Or-I W1749
O. rufipogonIndia 18.481.68 1.96Or-I W1750
O. rufipogonIndia 18.481.68 0.72Or-I W1751
O. rufipogonIndia 18.481.68 1.46Or-I W1753
O. rufipogonIndia 20.2781.5 2.11Or-I W1754
O. rufipogonIndia 20.2781.5 1.08Or-I W1756
O. rufipogonIndia 20.2781.5 3.79Or-I W1757
O. rufipogonIndia 20.2781.5 2.8Or-III W1759
O. rufipogonIndia 21.2581.63 1.22Or-I W1761
O. rufipogonIndia 21.2581.63 0.88Or-I W1762
O. rufipogonIndia 21.2581.63 3.19Or-III W1766
O. rufipogonIndia 21.1881.36 1.11Or-I W1770
O. rufipogonIndia 19.9579.3 4.84Or-III W1777
O. rufipogonIndia 1781.8 2.32Or-II W1780
O. rufipogonIndia 12.3176.64 3.48Or-III W1782
O. rufipogonIndia 12.3676.63 0.42Or-III W1783
O. rufipogonIndia 12.3176.66 0.54Or-III W1784
O. rufipogonThailand 15100 1.76Or-I W1787
O. rufipogonThailand 15100 2.95Or-I W1788
O. rufipogonThailand 15100 6.72Or-II W1790
O. rufipogonThailand 15100 2.71Or-I W1792
O. rufipogonThailand 15100 1.89Or-I W1794
O. rufipogonThailand 15100 2.07Or-I W1795
O. rufipogonThailand 15100 3.28Or-II W1798
O. rufipogonBangladesh 23.7190.41 1.82Or-I W1802
O. rufipogonSri Lanka 6.9379.95 0.73Or-III W1803
O. rufipogonSri Lanka 6.9379.95 3.99Or-II W1804
O. rufipogonSri Lanka 6.9379.95 1.78Or-I W1806
O. rufipogonSri Lanka 6.9379.95 0.65Or-III W1807
O. rufipogonSri Lanka 6.9379.95 1.57Or-III W1809
O. rufipogonSri Lanka 6.9379.95 1.91Or-II W1810
O. rufipogonSri Lanka 6.9379.95 1.45Or-III W1811
O. rufipogonSri Lanka 6.9379.95 0.89Or-III W1813
O. rufipogonBangladesh 23.7190.41 2.13Or-I W1818
O. rufipogonBangladesh 23.7190.41 1.41Or-I W1819
O. rufipogonBangladesh 23.7190.41 1.04Or-I W1820
O. rufipogonBangladesh 23.7190.41 1.18Or-I W1821
O. rufipogonBangladesh 23.7190.41 1.05Or-I W1822
O. rufipogonBangladesh 23.7190.41 1.07Or-I W1823
O. rufipogonBangladesh 23.7190.41 1.36Or-I W1824
O. rufipogonBangladesh 23.7190.41 0.54Or-I W1825
O. rufipogonThailand 13.92100.59 1.56Or-I W1832
O. rufipogonChina 1.14Or-I W1839
O. rufipogonChina 1.29Or-III W1844
O. rufipogonThailand 19.5699.7 9.77Or-II W1849
O. rufipogonThailand 19.5699.7 4.57Or-II W1850
O. rufipogonThailand 20.28100.09 1.57Or-I W1852
O. rufipogonThailand 19.7599.73 1.38Or-I W1853
O. rufipogonThailand 19.6499.52 4.73Or-II W1854
O. rufipogonThailand 18.3599.53 3.99Or-II W1857
O. rufipogonThailand 17.53100.12 1.31Or-II W1858
O. rufipogonThailand 17.52100.12 4.65Or-II W1859
O. rufipogonThailand 16.82100.34 2.43Or-II W1862
O. rufipogonThailand 14.56100.98 1.32Or-I W1865
O. rufipogonThailand 14.57100.99 1.62Or-I W1866
O. rufipogonThailand 15.23102.5 4.18Or-II W1870
O. rufipogonThailand 16.35102.86 0.78Or-II W1873
O. rufipogonThailand 17.03102.91 1.4Or-I W1879
O. rufipogonThailand 17.03102.91 2.9Or-II W1880
O. rufipogonThailand 17.03102.91 1.35Or-I W1881
O. rufipogonThailand 17.03102.91 2.12Or-II W1882
O. rufipogonThailand 17.03102.91 2.3Or-II W1884
O. rufipogonThailand 17.85102.75 3.36Or-II W1890
O. rufipogonThailand 17.85102.75 1.71Or-II W1891
O. rufipogonThailand 17.35102.89 1.59Or-I W1893
O. rufipogonThailand 17.25104.18 1.95Or-II W1895
O. rufipogonThailand 17.25104.18 2.95Or-II W1896
O. rufipogonThailand 15.05104.1 1.75Or-I W1912
O. rufipogonThailand 14.95103.75 3.12Or-I W1914
O. rufipogonThailand 14.92103.51 3.61Or-II W1916
O. rufipogonThailand 14.73102.19 1.72Or-II W1919
O. rufipogonThailand 14.44100.9 1.25Or-I W1921
O. rufipogonThailand 15.55100.12 1.23Or-I W1925
O. rufipogonThailand 15.46100.13 1.33Or-II W1927
O. rufipogonThailand 15.29100.18 1.29Or-I W1928
O. rufipogonThailand 6.89100.53 0.97Or-I W1935
O. rufipogonThailand 8.5499.73 1.61Or-II W1939
O. rufipogonThailand 14.92103.51 5.04Or-II W1940
O. rufipogonChina 3.41*Or-III W1943
O. rufipogonChina 2.17Or-III W1945
O. rufipogonChina 2.38Or-III W1952
O. rufipogonChina 1.01Or-III W1957
O. rufipogonChina 1.23Or-III W1958
O. rufipogonChina 1.72Or-I W1959
O. rufipogonChina 2.49Or-III W1963
O. rufipogonIndonesia -6.4106.82 1.53Or-I W1970
O. rufipogonIndonesia -6.4106.82 1.88Or-II W1971
O. rufipogonIndonesia -6.4106.82 2.71Or-II W1972
O. rufipogonIndonesia -6.4106.82 2.74Or-III W1973
O. rufipogonIndonesia -2.99104.76 2.16Or-II W1974
O. rufipogonIndonesia -2.99104.76 2.74Or-II W1975
O. rufipogonIndonesia -6.4106.82 1.83Or-II W1976
O. rufipogonIndonesia -6.4106.82 3.98Or-II W1977
O. rufipogonIndonesia -6.4106.82 1.99Or-II W1978
O. rufipogonIndonesia -6.4106.82 2.27Or-II W1979
O. rufipogonIndonesia -2.99104.76 1.36Or-II W1981
O. rufipogonIndia 18.573.15 2.04Or-I W1983
O. rufipogonIndia 20.373 1.25Or-III W1989
O. rufipogonIndia 23.172.45 1.34Or-III W1990
O. rufipogonIndia 22.371.05 1.84Or-III W1991
O. rufipogonIndia 24.672.8 1.33Or-III W1993
O. rufipogonIndia 22.4273 0.85Or-III W1995
O. rufipogonIndia 22.273.2 2.24Or-III W1998
O. rufipogonIndia 15.373.5 1.88Or-III W2003
O. rufipogonIndia 15.3574.2 1.97Or-III W2005
O. rufipogonIndia 1674.3 1.53Or-III W2007
O. rufipogonIndia 16.274.2 1.64Or-III W2008
O. rufipogonIndia 1973.06 1.06Or-III W2010
O. rufipogonIndia 19.872.55 1.08Or-III W2012
O. rufipogonIndia 20.1872.55 0.88Or-III W2014
O. rufipogonIndonesia -7.6110.7 2.62Or-II W2017
O. rufipogonIndonesia 3.29117 2.64Or-II W2021
O. rufipogonIndonesia 3.29117 4.27Or-II W2022
O. rufipogonIndonesia 3.29117 4.38Or-II W2024
O. rufipogonIndonesia 3.29117 1.21Or-II W2025
O. rufipogonIndonesia -3105 2.47Or-II W2030
O. rufipogonBurma 17.3396.5 1.38Or-III W2036
O. rufipogonBangladesh 23.7190.41 1.8Or-II W2050
O. rufipogonBangladesh 23.7190.41 1.45Or-II W2051
O. rufipogonBangladesh 23.7190.41 1.37Or-II W2052
O. rufipogonBangladesh 23.7190.41 1.8Or-I W2053
O. rufipogonBangladesh 24.4891.78 2.1Or-II W2055
O. rufipogonBangladesh 24.4891.78 1.71Or-II W2056
O. rufipogonBangladesh 24.4891.78 2.1Or-III W2057
O. rufipogonBangladesh 24.2589.92 1.37Or-I W2060
O. rufipogonBangladesh 24.2589.92 1.2Or-I W2061
O. rufipogonBangladesh 22.8289.55 2.05Or-I W2063
O. rufipogonBangladesh 22.8289.55 2.82Or-I W2064
O. rufipogonNepal 28.681.6 1.66Or-III W2066
O. rufipogonAustralia -14.3132.4 1.18Or-III W2078
O. rufipogonAustralia -13.07142.07 1.67Or-III W2099
O. rufipogonAustralia -13.07142.07 2.22Or-III W2108
O. rufipogonIndia 24.8393.93 1.54Or-I W2193
O. rufipogonIndonesia 3.29117 3.63Or-II W2197
O. rufipogonChina 4.36Or-III W2198
O. rufipogonCambodia 11.33104.5 1.8Or-I W2263
O. rufipogonVietnam 10.2105.47 1.29Or-II W2264
O. rufipogonLaos 14.5105.49 3.58Or-I W2265
O. rufipogonLaos 18.01102.39 1.47Or-II W2266
O. rufipogonLaos 18.14102.42 2.09Or-III W2267
O. rufipogonThailand 14.35101 1.71Or-I W2268
O. rufipogonThailand 17.42102.46 1.18Or-I W2269
O. rufipogonThailand 16.57102.55 1.61Or-I W2271
O. rufipogonThailand 16.21102.48 1.78Or-II W2272
O. rufipogonThailand 16.09100.37 0.93Or-I W2275
O. rufipogonThailand 16.49100.21 1.35Or-II W2276
O. rufipogonThailand 15.13100.12 1.28Or-I W2277
O. rufipogonThailand 14.3100.31 2.73Or-I W2278
O. rufipogonThailand 16.4999.47 4.9Or-II W2282
O. rufipogonThailand 16.4999.47 2.17Or-II W2283
O. rufipogonThailand 16.4999.47 1.12Or-II W2284
O. rufipogonCambodia 11.04106.09 2.8Or-II W2288
O. rufipogonCambodia 11.32104.5 1.43Or-I W2296
O. rufipogonLaos 15.09105.46 0.89Or-I W2298
O. rufipogonLaos 15.09105.46 1.45Or-I W2299
O. rufipogonLaos 15.12105.43 1.96Or-I W2301
O. rufipogonLaos 15.12105.43 2.55Or-I W2302
O. rufipogonLaos 15.06105.49 1.5Or-I W2303
O. rufipogonLaos 15.03105.54 2.66Or-I W2304
O. rufipogonLaos 14.5105.5 1.64Or-I W2305
O. rufipogonLaos 14.5105.5 3.15Or-I W2306
O. rufipogonLaos 14.52105.52 2.53Or-I W2307
O. rufipogonLaos 17.57102.38 2.47Or-II W2308
O. rufipogonLaos 17.51102.36 2.28Or-II W2310
O. rufipogonLaos 17.52102.36 2.35Or-II W2311
O. rufipogonVietnam 10.39107.02 3.75Or-I W2316
O. rufipogonVietnam 10.24106.06 3.6Or-II W2318
O. rufipogonVietnam 10.33106.25 3Or-I W2319
O. rufipogonVietnam 10.42105.36 0.66Or-II W2320
O. rufipogonVietnam 10.44105.37 1.6Or-II W2321
O. rufipogonVietnam 10.45105.32 1.98Or-II W2322
O. rufipogonVietnam 10105.45 1.06Or-II W2327
O. rufipogonVietnam 21.03105.85 2.1Or-I W2331
O. rufipogonVietnam 21.03105.85 2.36Or-I W2332
O. rufipogonChina 21.38110.25 0.97Or-III W3000
O. rufipogonChina 21.38110.25 0.69Or-III W3001
O. rufipogonChina 22.19112.31 2.95Or-III W3002
O. rufipogonChina 22.19112.31 0.39Or-II W3003
O. rufipogonChina 22.25112.79 2.11Or-III W3004
O. rufipogonChina 22.25112.79 1.19Or-III W3005
O. rufipogonChina 22.38112.69 1.61Or-III W3006
O. rufipogonChina 22.38112.69 2.62Or-III W3007
O. rufipogonChina 22.53113.04 0.68Or-III W3008
O. rufipogonChina 22.89112.85 1.99Or-III W3009
O. rufipogonChina 23.17112.89 2.67Or-III W3010
O. rufipogonChina 23.17112.89 1.27Or-III W3011
O. rufipogonChina 23.12113.26 1.83Or-III W3012
O. rufipogonChina 23.12113.26 1.78Or-III W3013
O. rufipogonChina 23.29113.83 3.6Or-III W3014
O. rufipogonChina 23.29113.83 1.97Or-III W3015
O. rufipogonChina 23.05113.75 0.57Or-III W3016
O. rufipogonChina 23.05113.75 2Or-III W3017
O. rufipogonChina 22.8114.46 1.57Or-III W3018
O. rufipogonChina 22.8114.46 0.83Or-III W3019
O. rufipogonChina 23.17112.89 2.17Or-III W3020
O. rufipogonChina 23.87113.53 1.43Or-III W3021
O. rufipogonChina 23.72113.02 1.58Or-III W3022
O. rufipogonChina 23.72113.02 1.84Or-III W3023
O. rufipogonChina 23.87113.53 0.66Or-III W3024
O. rufipogonChina 23.72113.02 0.53Or-III W3025
O. rufipogonChina 23.64115.17 0.87Or-III W3026
O. rufipogonChina 21.95108.61 3.94Or-III W3027
O. rufipogonChina 21.95108.61 2.65Or-III W3028
O. rufipogonChina 21.8109.19 0.67Or-III W3029
O. rufipogonChina 21.8109.19 2.41Or-III W3030
O. rufipogonChina 21.77108.36 1.32Or-III W3031
O. rufipogonChina 21.77108.36 0.73Or-III W3032
O. rufipogonChina 22.28109.97 1.3Or-III W3033
O. rufipogonChina 22.28109.97 2.01Or-III W3034
O. rufipogonChina 22.63110.14 0.94Or-III W3035
O. rufipogonChina 22.63110.14 0.56Or-III W3036
O. rufipogonChina 23.07109.36 1.05Or-III W3037
O. rufipogonChina 23.07109.36 1.23Or-III W3038
O. rufipogonChina 23.39110.07 1Or-III W3039
O. rufipogonChina 23.39110.07 1.75Or-III W3040
O. rufipogonChina 22.75108.49 3.55Or-III W3041
O. rufipogonChina 22.75108.49 1.63Or-III W3042
O. rufipogonChina 23.17108.28 2.55Or-III W3043
O. rufipogonChina 23.17108.28 3.99Or-III W3044
O. rufipogonChina 22.69109.27 2.1Or-III W3045
O. rufipogonChina 22.69109.27 5.1Or-III W3046
O. rufipogonChina 23.73106.91 3.88Or-III W3047
O. rufipogonChina 23.9106.61 4.58Or-III W3048
O. rufipogonChina 23.9106.61 3.96Or-III W3049
O. rufipogonChina 23.9106.61 3.77Or-III W3050
O. rufipogonChina 23.9106.61 3.23Or-III W3051
O. rufipogonChina 23.73106.91 3.73Or-III W3052
O. rufipogonChina 19.1110.35 1.22Or-III W3053
O. rufipogonChina 19.1110.35 1.89Or-III W3054
O. rufipogonChina 19.1110.35 1.11Or-III W3055
O. rufipogonChina 19.5109.5 0.74Or-III W3056
O. rufipogonChina 19.5109.5 1.38Or-III W3057
O. rufipogonChina 19.1109 1.42Or-III W3058
O. rufipogonChina 19.1109 1.72Or-III W3059
O. rufipogonChina 18.75109.17 1.77Or-III W3060
O. rufipogonChina 18.75109.17 1.22Or-III W3061
O. rufipogonChina 19.1109 2.25Or-III W3062
O. rufipogonChina 19.1109 1.32Or-III W3063
O. rufipogonChina 19.25110.46 0.87Or-III W3064
O. rufipogonChina 19.25110.46 4.02Or-III W3065
O. rufipogonChina 18.75109.17 3.44Or-III W3066
O. rufipogonChina 18.65109.8 3.7Or-II W3067
O. rufipogonChina 18.65109.8 1.75Or-II W3068
O. rufipogonChina 18.65109.8 2.73Or-III W3069
O. rufipogonChina 18.65109.8 4.16Or-III W3070
O. rufipogonChina 19.62110.7 3.11Or-III W3071
O. rufipogonChina 19.62110.7 4.73Or-II W3072
O. rufipogonChina 19.62110.7 3.27Or-III W3073
O. rufipogonChina 19.62110.7 2.76Or-III W3074
O. rufipogonChina 28.23116.61 1.53Or-III W3075
O. rufipogonChina 28.23116.61 0.44Or-III W3076
O. rufipogonChina 28.23116.61 0.65Or-III W3077
O. rufipogonChina 28.23116.61 1.05Or-III W3078
O. rufipogonChina 28.23116.61 1.62Or-III W3079
O. rufipogonChina 28.23116.61 1.69Or-III W3080
O. rufipogonChina 28.23116.61 0.93Or-III W3081
O. rufipogonChina 28.23116.61 1.46Or-III W3082
O. rufipogonChina 22.1100.79 1.04Or-III W3083
O. rufipogonChina 22.1100.79 1.95Or-II W3084
O. rufipogonChina 23.6102.01 1.18Or-III W3085
O. rufipogonChina 23.6102.01 1.53Or-III W3086
O. rufipogonChina 23.6102.01 0.65Or-III W3087
O. rufipogonChina 23.6102.01 0.35Or-III W3088
O. rufipogonChina 22.1100.79 1.93Or-II W3089
O. rufipogonChina 22.1100.79 1.17Or-II W3090
O. rufipogonChina 26.8113.55 1.81Or-II W3091
O. rufipogonChina 26.8113.55 2.7Or-III W3092
O. rufipogonChina 25.28111.34 0.27Or-III W3093
O. rufipogonChina 25.28111.34 2.89Or-III W3094
O. rufipogonChina 25.28111.34 1.66Or-III W3095
O. rufipogonChina 25.28111.34 0.86Or-III W3096
O. rufipogonChina 25.28111.34 1.92Or-II W3097
O. rufipogonChina 25.28111.34 1.79Or-II W3098
O. rufipogonIndia 40Or-I W3105