Summary of XENLA7.1 Assembly
(The final version of shotgun assembly that we used for chromosome scaffolding)
Total number of scaffolds413,763
Total number of contigs648,787
Total length of scaffolds (Mb)2723.8
Total length of contigs (Mb)2449.7
Percentage of gaps (%)10.1
N/L50 of scaffolds648/1.1 Mb
N/L50 of contigs37,644/19.3 kb
Number of scaffolds longer than 50 kb4,297
% main genome in scaffolds longer than 50 kb94.70%
Genome (v9.1)
X. laevis X. tropicalis
L chromosome S chromosome L + S chromosome Chromosome
Chr.Length (Mb)Gene Count Chr.Length (Mb)Gene Count Chr.Length (Mb)Gene Count Chr.Length (Mb)Gene Count
XenOrtho DB
XenOrtho DB (Xenopus Ortholog DataBase) is a database in which ortholog genes of Xenopus tropicalis, Xenopus laevis and humans are listed. It was produced by Dr. Fukui (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo Univ.) and Dr. Igawa (Hiroshima Univ. Amphibian Research Center) through collaboration between the Xenopus Community in Japan (XCIJ) and National Bio-Resource Project (NBRP). When a study using XenOrthoDB is published as a research paper, please acknowledge Dr. Fukui, Dr. Igawa, XCIJ, and NBRP.

African clawed frog (right) and Western clawed frog (left)
Copyright: 2016 Shuji Takahashi @ Hiroshima University

African clawed frog chromosomes

"Fossil" DNA sequences found only in the S subgenome (chromosomes) of Xenopus laevis emit a red glow employing the FISH method. The nine S chromosomes here clearly possess a larger number of red regions, believed to have derived from ancestral species S. (Chromosome 9, at bottom right, is represented as "9_10," as it corresponds to the fusion of ancestral chromosomes corresponding to chromosomes 9 and 10 in Xenopus tropicalis).

Copyright: 2016 Yoshinobu Uno @ Nagoya University